Crazy for You! 2

Cafe YOU serves up fresh and healthy eats Australian style.

Welcome to Cape Coral’s first Australian-style café; Café YOU!

The name, originally inspired by Marlies’s husband Uri, is now more commonly associated with the idea that, “The café is for you, because you deserve it.”

Australian-style cafés are trending in New York City, and now Cape Coral residents have one to call their own. Longing for a sense of community, Marlies Laaper, native Australian, former venture capitalist associate and Cape Coral resident, was inspired to open Café YOU. It is located off the beaten path in an industrial center at 1423 SE 10th Street. Laaper had a simple idea; coffee and food under the same roof.

There’s a relaxed atmosphere and from the moment you enter, it whispers, You are special.  The décor is understated, comprised mostly of Craig’s list items. Relaxing, unique, trendy but sophisticated, possessing the heart and soul of small business, it appeals not only to millennials, but to the more mature senses too.  Your senses really begin to stir when you smell the coffee.

No drive-thru, Robusta or flavor shots here, just locally roasted Italian-style Espresso. Laaper walks a few doors down to buy her beans! For regulars, Brekkie and morning coffee are accompanied with greetings and g’days.  Laaper’s vision is coming to fruition,

“Already, we’re finding that our customers are getting to know each other.”

Café YOU also offers Australian beers and wines. Hours are Mon, Tue, Wed & Sat: 8 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. and Thu & Fri: 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. with dinner served from 5:30 – 8 p.m. on these days.

Although, those with gluten free diets, vegans, and vegetarians frequent Café You because it’s not just a salad, anyone will find the clean colorful menu items irresistible. Australian cuisine is more than Vegemite, although Laaper recommends it lightly spread over buttered toast!   The menu is simple, much like the food itself, and very reasonably priced.  Less is more is a theme here and fresh local ingredients create quality dishes. However, more than any other dish, locals savor the Avocado Smash, a staple found in many variations throughout Australian-style cafés.  Feta and tahini sauce add a salty and savory compliment to the creamy avocado or, avo, if you know the lingo. However, Avo Smash is perhaps best described simply; It’s delicious!  You’ll also discover Middle Eastern influences throughout the menu, making the White Bean & Kale Karma and Lentil Soup a must-try.

An exquisite 150-year-old Moroccan door, a survivor from a previous antique endeavor, adorns the North wall of Café YOU, inspiring and opening the imagination of diners. Two more antique doors reside in a warehouse waiting for their debut.  Two more Café YOU Cape Coral locations are coming soon, not only giving those doors the perfect home, but bringing our community together simply, through coffee, food and the human connections that inherently exist in café culture.

Café YOU is for you, because Café YOU, is all about you!

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