Family Traditions

Local Cape Families Share Their Favorite Thanksgiving Traditions, Present and Past.

Has your Aunt Millie always made the same jello salad for the past 23 years straight, even though no one ever eats it? As a child I never understood why we ate the same things and did the same things every holiday? It was only as I became an adult and had my own family that I realized these little family traditions were part of what I looked forward to each year. It wouldn’t be the same without my mom’s homemade “Monkey Bread” or playing board games after dinner. So, we ask the locals, what are your favorite Thanksgiving family traditions?

The Smileys:

Thanksgiving to me is the kick off of the Christmas season! We often travel north for a large family gathering and eat obscene amounts of carbs until we are ready to bust. Then the guys watch football and the ladies leaf through the Black Friday ads to hunt for deals the next day!

The Bergans:

Every Thanksgiving the Bergen family makes butter bread stuffing. The whole family gathers to toast up to 20 loaves of bread!  Even the kids get in on the action. All of the toast is cut up and prepared into homemade stuffing. Of course some laughter, conversation and cocktails add extra love to the family dish.

The Mickeys:
We have lived in Cape Coral for over 15 years. Once we started having kids we realized how important it is to us to have holiday traditions for the kids to remember. We celebrate Thanksgiving at our home with our friends and family. We feel like the more the merrier definitely applies to this holiday. The kids make crafts to decorate the house and table. We always make sure we have a bounce house for the kids to enjoy. There aren’t other young children in our family, but the bounce house usually attracts the kids in our neighborhood to join in on the fun.

The Karaseks:

Thanksgiving always begins watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade as the feast is prepared.  I pride myself in cooking way to much food…leftovers are the best!   The day is spent enjoying time with friends and family, a competitive game of cornhole, and of course, football!

The Overbaughs:

Both my husband’s and my families live two hours away, so Thanksgiving is always a road trip, two houses, two turkey dinners and a lot of fun! The kids love spending quality time with their cousins while the girls sneak away to kick off the holiday season with Black Friday shopping.