Lite 'Em Up 2

Marty Harold Brightens Everyday Lives

He can keep you safe. He can get you a house. And on any given day, Marty will brighten up your world.

Marty Herald has three jobs. He’s a security guard at the port authority. He’s been a realtor for 38 years. But his favorite job is the new venture he’s engaged in as of last year.

Marty sells shoes that light up in seven different variations of colors, as well as four strobe settings; all with a simple press of a button inside the shoe.

How did the idea come about? A co-worker at the port authority had a pair of these shoes, and intrigued, Marty got himself a pair. He took the shoes down to Costa Rica, which he’s visited 52 times. The shoes were such a hit, he was asked to wear them in a parade. He’s taking his shoes international to Costa Rica and Panama. He’s even had several conversations with a Panamanian government official.

However, it’s the everyday person with whom Marty likes to interact regarding these shoes that can be seen from more than 200 yards away when lit up. With that, he’s taken his show all around local hot spots. He can be found on a dance floor until 2 a.m. on any night of the week. While he readily admits he’s no Fred Astaire, he loves to dance, and the joy he exudes is infectious to other patrons. They witness the fun he’s having, and they want a pair of the shoes that illuminate the dance floor. They don’t want to wait, not even until the next day, to go order them online. This emotional connection that total strangers have to the shoes, has given Marty the idea to carry several pairs around with him in the trunk of his car, providing instant gratification to consumers of a brighter world.

He says people don’t necessarily know him by name. They refer to him as the Light-Up Shoe Guy. It’s drawn him some notoriety at nightclubs, as he tells stories about people actually asking to take selfies with him on the dance floor. In his words, it makes him feel as famous as Mick Jagger.

There’s another component to what’s taken place with Marty’s shoe biz. Safety has shared the spotlight with fun. Kids are now wearing his shoes at bus stops on their way to school. They are there early before the sun makes its presence felt. Bus drivers might not see the kids, but they spot the blinking shoes and know that’s where the children are to be picked up. Drivers of passing cars also become aware of the lights, and they slow down, vigilant of safety for the communities’ youth.

So whether you’re 7 or 87, if you’re looking to shine on the dance floor or keep your kids safe—find Marty Herald. He won’t be too hard to spot.