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Holiday 4 Heroes

The holidays foster images of abundance, families gathering around dining tables overflowing with platters and bowls filled with tradition and plenty. Big screen televisions make their way to Christmas lists and standing in line at 3:00 a.m. for the latest gadgets, a pastime.  However, for the service men and women protecting our freedoms in places like Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, basic comforts are the difference between misery and tolerating deployment. Sip and Send, a one-stop US post office, gift shoppe and wine store, located at 2135 Santa Barbara Blvd. Ste. 101, Cape Coral, FL 33991, is charitably giving to those who are sacrificing the most for us with Holiday 4 Heroes.

Jonette Kessack, Sip and Send’s owner and founder of Holiday 4 Heroes, was inspired by a young mother with three little girls in tow, mailing a package to her husband serving in the US Army in Iraq.  Kessack offered to help the frazzled mother package her things, noticing t-shirts, socks and basic toiletries among the items.  Hearing that these essentials are not provided, and often unavailable for purchase, Kessack realized the burden that was put on already stressed families.

“The US government does not supply the basics to our soldiers and it’s up to the families to see that these needs are met.  As nearby bases and commissaries are shut down these items become difficult to acquire. In turn, this becomes a burden to the families that are already strapped.”

After sharing this story with her staff, they agreed that Sip and Send would help!

Holiday 4 Heroes, a Cape Coral Community Foundation charity, sponsors local service men and women, adopting their units by providing care packages filled with snacks, drinks, toiletries, comfort items and personalized notes. By organizing fundraising events such as Designer Purse Bingo at Cape Cabaret, an open donation party at Harpoon Harrys in Fisherman’s Village and Family Freedom Fest hosted at the Cape Coral Brewing Co., Kessack and her staff are connecting our community while combating a need.

Kessack reflects on the growth, “Here we are ten years later and it’s safe to say, the organization has grown.  Last year Sip and Send raised over $17,000 and mailed 986 boxes.  Our goal this year is 1,000 boxes. To date 26,000 boxes have been sent and over $53,000 has been raised to cover postage costs.”

However, Kessack’s mission is not complete.

“We would also like to support the families at home by giving them a Christmas, filled with joy and less worries.  We hope to anonymously give two families in our area everything they need for the holiday.”

Sip and Send is giving back and becoming a community hero!

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