Fitness For The Whole Family 7

Gulf Coast Family Fitness Center 
Delivers A Healthy Lifestyle For All Ages

 It’s a Tuesday night and there’s a lot going on in the east corner of a Pine Island shopping center. The music is cranking, lights are flashing and a busy waiting room spills out to the sidewalk where kids and adults laugh and socialize while waiting for class to start. This is Gulf Coast Family Fitness Center.

GCFFC is not your typical gym. The class based fitness center truly does offer something for everyone.  They have dance based classes such as Zumba, Hip-hop and Ballet Barre. Not in the mood to get your groove on? Try out the boot camp, TRX, cycling, Hit2Bfit or a martial arts class. Then there is Kangoo. Kang-what???? Exactly. You’ve never seen anything like it. These exclusive Kangoo Jump Fitness classes use the specialized shoes to absorb 80% of the impact on your joints, resulting in a better workout without the stress you would normally experience during high impact exercise. Don’t let how fun it is fool you, you will be dripping with sweat by the end of the session. GCFFC is the only center in the area that offers Kangoo classes for both children and adults. If you prefer to workout solo, personal training is also available.

Another unique feature of GCFFC is the room dedicated to the MyRide Virtual Experience Indoor Cycling classes. You can ride state of the art indoor spin bikes while a projector shows your scenery on the wall. You get the illusion of riding through some of the most beautiful and challenging roadways throughout the world without leaving the studio. This is a great training alternative for outdoor cycling enthusiasts, who don’t want to battle the harsh rains, wind, heat or traffic. MyRide Virtual Experience is offered both as a class or something you can do whenever the center is open and the room is available.

With all they offer, what really makes GCFFC special is the instructors and owners. The Rosado’s (Israel and Christa) and The Carey’s (Paul and Nicole) are busy working parents themselves and understand how hard it is for people to find time in their hectic lives to exercise.  Israel says, “When we came to Cape Coral and saw that children had no real options for physical activity besides sports or martial arts, we decided to open a family fitness center. Although sports are great activities for kids, all too often the parents are left sitting on the sidelines. The local gyms didn’t offer kid based classes, so when the parents are working out, the kids are forced to sit in a daycare watching TV.” GCFFC offers the best of both worlds, where kids and parents can take classes at the same time in separate rooms. The whole family can get fit together.

As fit as they are, you will never feel judged at the GCFFC. All of their workouts can be scaled and individualized for you. You are reminded often that it is YOUR workout. While they suggest being cleared by your doctor before beginning an exercise program, all levels are welcome!  If you are 8 or 80, you have a place at GCFFC. The instructors are highly trained and certified and your safety is their first concern. “I want everyone to live a healthy and disease free life. If our fitness studio sets people on the path to health and wellbeing, then I would be overjoyed.” says Israel. If you’ve ever felt awkward or unwelcome at a gym, you won’t experience that either. You can truly tell the staff is happy to see you. Greeting you by name and with a smile, the more the merrier is the feeling you get at GCFFC.

They also want to make fitness affordable to everyone, giving a discount for each additional family member. There are also never any contracts to sign, cancellation fees or hidden fees

The Fabulous Females of GCFFC:

Nicole Thomson-Carey wasn’t always the vision of health she is today. After losing her mother at age 51 from cirrhosis of the liver, she decided to deal with her own addiction issues and check herself into a holistic treatment center where she was introduced to exercise. She loved the feeling she got from a good sweat session. As painful as it was losing her mom, she believes it set her on the right path and exercise/fitness has saved her life.  She has been sober for 7 years and her favorite part of her job is the people she works with. Nicole teaches circuit and strength classes, but her favorite is Hip Hop! Don’t let the title of hip hop class scare you. There is no head spinning and you don’t have to be JLO to attend. She keeps the routine simple and the same, so moms and women of all ages can come and dance away the stress of the day. It feels more like a girl’s night out than an exercise class!  Nicole also teaches kids classes and loves seeing the confidence they gain through exercise.

Christa Rosado’s exercise history started when she was just 2 ½ years old. Her mom signed her up for dance classes and she immediately loved movement. She continued to dance and played sports through high school. Christa also attended an endless number of fitness classes with her mom where often the instructors would let help teach.  Jazzercise was one of her favorites. In college she earned a degree in Dance Choreography and a master’s in Speech-Language pathology. When she had two young children, she took her first Zumba class and was hooked. The instructor saw how quickly she caught on and encouraged her to get certified to teach. That’s how it all began. Now she has a national certification through AFAA and has branched out to teach Pilates, Kangoo, Ballet Barre, MyRide Virtual Indoor Cycling, Hip Hop, and most Zumba and Zumba specialty classes. It warms her heart to see how the camaraderie of classes brings together people of all ages, races and backgrounds.

Classes offered for adults/kids at Gulf Coast Family Fitness Center:

Zumba, Zumba Sentao, Hip-Hop, MyRide Virtual Experience Indoor Cycling,

Hit2Bfit, 20/20/20 (strength/cardio/core), TRX Fusion, Bootcamp, Circuit Training, Get Pumped

Cardio Kickboxing, Ballet Barre, Kangoo, Kangoo Dance, Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Total Body Conditioning,  Muay Thai, Krav Maga, Jiu-Jitsu and COMING in 2017 Beachbody’s PiYo Live.