New Year 1

Happy New Year!

I can’t believe it, but 2017 is here! It seems like each year goes by faster than the last! How was your 2016? Did you live each day to the fullest or did you get stuck in the daily shuffle, blink and boom it was gone? Either way, it’s history and now it’s time to look forward to a new year!

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? I make at least 7 or 8 every year! Lol, no really I do! I’m going to cook homemade meals every night, give up ALL sugar, my house is going to be spotless, I’m going to do another marathon (maybe throw in an Ironman triathlon), finally grow my hair gorgeous, mermaid long and NEVER yell at my kids…ever again. Hmm…do you think I stick with these? Heck no! Usually by January 8th or 9th, I’ve had a hectic day, I’m ordering pizza, skipping a workout, screaming at someone and wanting to chop my hair off. So why, when I know they are unattainable, do I continue to make these resolutions each year?

Well, I love the idea of a fresh start. It could be New Year’s, Monday or any day at all. I love the thought that you can wake up and recreate yourself and your life at any time. There is a quote that says, “Life has no remote control. If you don’t like what you see, get up and change it!” What a great saying. We all get stuck in a rut every now and then, but we have the ability to decide to change. So, let’s make this our BEST YEAR EVER!

What does your best year look like?  Maybe it’s getting on an exercise program and eating a bit healthier. It could be de-cluttering your life and getting rid of stress? Whatever it may be, I hope you find some helpful tips in this month’s issue to steer you in the right direction. I’m resolving NOT to make resolutions this year. I’m just going to try and enjoy each day a little bit more. Be kind, smile, laugh, enjoy my family and realize that it’s OK to not be perfect. Life is short, enjoy the ride!

Stay Sunny,