What is Cyber Security and Why Should You Care?

In 2016 we saw a big increase of major data breaches (FACC, University of Central Florida, US Department of Justice, IRS, Snapchat, Premier Healthcare, Wendy’s, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Yahoo, Cisco – to name just a few) which impact’s most of the users and companies in the US. Leading agencies predict that Cyber Attacks in the nation’s private and government sector are expected to grow exponentially in the coming future. This means cybercrime continues to pose a serious threat not only to your personal privacy and security but also the U.S. economy.

So, why should I care about this – you may ask? You may use a computer to store sensitive data like pictures of your family, passwords for ecommerce sites, passwords for financial institutes or your social security number. This data can also reside on other devices like your smartphone, tablet computer or any other device connected to the internet (like your TV, DVD or Gaming Console, the list goes on). If you don’t protect yourself and your property, the cyber criminals will take advantage of that, and cleaning up after a data breach can be cost and time consuming and being an Identity Theft victim would be a nightmare.

To protect your family, yourself and your company consider the following: use a state of the art Antivirus- and Antispam Solution (on your Computer and Smartphone). Use a modern Firewall/Router to connect to the Internet (not just the Provider Modem). Be sure that you always use the latest version of your software products and operating system. Surf the Internet on a public Wi-Fi only with an encrypted VPN-Connection and password protect your Wi-Fi at your location. Never use a weak password or the same password for multiply accounts (Password Manager help you with that). Never send confidential data (SSN, Credit Card Information, Passwords) using a standard E-Mail (it’s basically the same as a postcard; everyone could read it).

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