Thrill of the Ride

Harley-Davidson’s 2017 CVO ™ Limited

Maybe you’ve been a bike owner, or even a Harley owner for years. Maybe you’ve been suppressing a desire to experience the freedom and thrill of the ride that can only be discovered covering the open road on a motorcycle – a cool motorcycle. Maybe you are seeking adventure, combined with power, a sleek look, the latest technology and luxury to spare. If you’ve been in this lane for a while, or if you’ve just arrived, you owe it to yourself to experience Harley-Davidson’s 2017 CVO ™ Limited.

The CVO stands for Custom Vehicle Operations because this model, and others in this line, are created and built by Harley-Davidson to provide a custom experience that includes big engines, big wheels, striking high-quality paint, luxury, chrome, chrome, chrome and enough industry-leading technology to make your favorite luxury auto-maker blush.
All this luxury, style and technology, while undeniable, cannot mask the heart of the machine. This bike is still Harley, through and through. Any doubt is removed when the Twin-Cooled™ Milwaukee-Eight™ 114 engine turns over, and that familiar rumble becomes music to your ears.

The CVO ™ Limited has a higher price point, but you won’t find yourself leaving it at your local bike shop for custom modifications. It’s all here, custom built by Harley-Davidson. Even more impressive than the specs, is what has always mattered the most to Harley, the way its customers look and feel riding its bikes.
Check it out at Six Bends Harley-Davidson, 9501 Thunder Road, Fort Myers, FL 33913.