April 2017 Lifestyle Letter 1

When first visiting Cape Coral I took pictures of the birds, leaned my face toward the sun every chance I got and biked the southern end of Pine Island. On a February trip, I took an amateur shot of a pelican with its head slightly turned toward the lens as it paddled along the Henley canal. After a long flight and several layers of clouds later, I landed in 19 degrees and ice. Vacation done. Back to the Northeast grind.

A few weeks later, I stumbled across that picture of the pelican and uncovered an urgency in the shot.  Without a frame, I thumbtacked it to my kitchen windowsill in my 100-year-old apartment building in upstate New York. Now framed in ice and snow that pelican looked at me every time I did the dishes. One blustery day with certainty I told my new friend, “I’m headed to Florida.”

In my excitement, I told everyone about this place threaded with canals, dotted with tropical flowers and host to vivid sunsets. Most people shared in my excitement while others were less optimistic. I even heard, “Why would you move there? Florida is where you go to die.” I now remember that remark years later and just laugh because Cape Coral is where I began to LIVE!

In this issue, we will inspire readers to Get Outside! and explore our city.  Meet Lee County Reefs, an artificial reef program not only giving life to our ecosystem, but our economy by creating the most diverse dive sites the gulf coast offers. Unwind with Saddlewood Horse Club and get your heart racing with Trek Bikes. Greg Wagner will inspire readers with Beautiful Birds of the Cape. Visit our newest partner House 2 Home Goods and find everything you need to decorate your outdoor spaces. We hope you continue supporting the local businesses that define our community and celebrate the partnerships we forge here at Cape Coral Lifestyle Magazine.

I still love the canals, tropical flowers and pink sunsets, but after twelve years I’ve discovered Cape Coral offers much more.

Get outside and LIVE in the natural beauty of our city!