Beautiful Birds of the Cape 11

A Visual Voyage

Cape Coral is teeming with wildlife, but a favorite of visitors and residents alike are the birds. From the songbirds sweet melodies, to the pelican’s powerful plunges birds fascinate us. With the egret’s wispy plumes and the heron’s speckled silvery wings, you’ll find beauty in the birds that call Cape Coral home.

Our neighborhoods encompass diverse habitats. One neighborhood is home to meadowlarks with their marigold throats while others offer happy homes to bright-eyed burrowing owls. You’re always sure to spot an osprey along our canals and on a lucky day you’ll see one swoop down and capture a speckled trout in its talons. The Anhinga, commonly known as the snake bird, is often observed with its wings outstretched toward the sun after an afternoon dive. Enjoy this visual voyage and find inspiration in the elegance and beauty of our Cape Coral birds.