The Amazing Eight 1

The Eight Members of Cape Coral Animal Shelter Board of Directors Making Marked Difference

Providing a safe place for homeless animals is the mission. Making a distinct difference in Cape Coral is the vision. A group of Cape Coral business owners are fearlessly assuming this responsibility. Teaming with the City of Cape Coral, residents and businesses they are seeing their ambitions unfold.

Who’s Who?

By focusing on a common goal these Amazing Eight are bringing our residents together through compassion, fun and collectiveness.

Pamela Aubuchon: Director, JoAnn Elardo: President, Alvaro Sanchez: General Council, Gloria Tate: Secretary, Yvonne Werline: Treasurer, Jacque Miloff: Vice President, Judy Sowers: Director, and Annett Carrasquillo: Director/building/general contractor, form the CCAS Board of Directors.

Elardo says, “We saw a need. Our city has more than 180,000 people and we’re growing, but no animal shelter. There is definitely a need!”

Possessing different professional credentials, the team offers unique contributions.

Aubuchon shares, “We are all very different, but it works. We all bring different things to the table. We have a lot of ideas!”

Planning Programs

The CCAS recently acquired a 99-year land lease from the city of Cape Coral. The building will sit just north of Sun Splash Family Water Park with 30 kennels, 30 catteries and plenty of green space. Extending beyond the physical structure and basic adoption services, far-reaching programs will serve not only the animals, but Cape Coral residents as well.

A veterinary clinic and educational programs for the prevention of cruelty and abandonment of animals are all in the making. Reading and “puppy play” initiatives geared toward children will ensure our youngest residents are involved. Older residents will discover programs that pair them with the perfect housemates, combatting loneliness and adding quality years to their lives. CCAS hopes to facilitate Cell Dogs, a program in which inmates work with canines, and foster-home programs which focus on socialization and training thus increasing the adoption success rate.

One thing the team promises: animals will remain in CCAS’ care until placed in a qualified, forever home.

Aubuchon asserts, “Euthanasia has a place in the humane treatment of animals. However, a healthy animal should never be euthanized.”

When asked how many animals the CCAS may serve Aubuchon responds, “It’s hard to tell, but it will be a lot and certainly more than we are now.”

Having fun, raising funds!

Most recently the CCAS planned a 1950s-inspired event at the Wicked Dolphin distillery to raise funds and awareness.

“Each year we have more to offer and enjoy by all but the end results is to raise funds for the Cape Coral Animal Shelter in order to save more lives and give the city a service that is desperately needed.  This year’s event was a huge success with an estimated grand total of over $100,000 in funds raised which includes a very generous donation made by the Gunterberg Charitable Foundation.” says Cape Coral Animal Shelter President, JoAnn Elardo.

Cape Coral a Caring Community

Aubuchon vows, “No small amount of time, talent, or treasure is ever wasted.”

Everything from large sums of private donation to coin drives at local elementary schools help support the CCAS. Because CCAS believes that every citizen has a responsibility to their city, they hope everyone will partake in this collective positive initiative.

Aubuchon says, “Everyone that wants to be a part of it, has the opportunity! This is the just the start of something so much bigger. We want to reach out to extending areas and serve a need that exists beyond Cape Coral. We hope to make a marked difference to exist through perpetuity and create a legacy in our community.”

The Amazing Eight are on their way!