The Thuy House 6

What’s for Dinner?

Diane Nghi is a mother with six kids, an infectious smile and an insatiable love for cooking.  Her passion for food began with a simple act: cooking for her family and hosting parties at home.

“Everyone loves my parties because of the food!” Nghi says with a humble wink.

Those same friends asked to swing by after work and pick up a meal.  Some even offered to pay her. Soon friends-of-friends asked, “What’s for Dinner?” Nghi discovered herself on a food journey that led to her catering company, The Thuy House.

Nghi says, “I’m excited to see the future!”


Nghi looks back, “God was preparing me all these years for this. I just want to share this gift that God has given me with others. I think that’s what we are supposed to do.”

Growing up in Vietnam she remembers, “My uncle would bring a single item to our house from his farm… shrimp, crab, or a chicken.  We would build a whole meal from a single item.”

That foundation is still present in her meals today. Simple interactions and everyday occurrences along the way helped guide her and she lightheartedly shares, “I’m meant to share this gift of cooking. It’s hard to explain, but it’s been in the making and it’s just meant to be.”

What’s for Dinner?

Nghi started a word-of-mouth catering company, The Thuy House. She created a private Facebook page, What’s for dinner? Cooperating with Island Pho & Grill, Nghi uses their kitchen space and now caters larger events. The menu is most noted for Chicken Noodle, Pot-stickers and egg rolls. Noodle Salad is a favorite for those who like it hot, hot, hot! It has sweet heat and a can’t-put-your-finger-on-it deliciousness that has you wanting more. The spring rolls offer a burst of flavor and the chili and peanut sauces create the perfect complement. Fresh herbs provide a burst of flavor to every bite.

“Growing up I never knew I was eating healthy. To us it was just the way we would eat. We added lemongrass and ginger, all the herbs and spices we now know are so healthy for us.”

House Calls

Nghi shares her gifts by hosting on-site catering events and cooking classes. She brings girlfriends, couples, mothers and daughters and best friends together over a night of cooking.  She also teaches technique classes.  Most of her participants find that cooking is fun and easy!

She especially enjoys, “… when a mom thanks me for teaching her to cook healthy meals. I like to think I’m helping people eat healthy and combat obesity.”

Nghi thinks cooking at home brings freedom and autonomy to a family.

Nghi shares, “You don’t have to eat something packaged for you. You are in control of what you eat and what you feed your family. With cooking comes freedom!”

Nghi’s dishes are uniquely hers and one ingredient she always adds… “In my culture, food is caring. It is how we show love. I teach how to cook with love!”

Find Diane Nghi on Facebook: The Thuy House.  Ask her to add you to the private group, “What’s for Dinner?” You can reach her by email or by phone 239.297.5810.