For the Ladies

Calling all ladies, this issue is for you! What better month to celebrate the fabulous, fierce females that call Cape Coral home? Of course May is Mother’s Day, but I think it’s a shame to only give this holiday just one day. So, we’ve decided to dedicated the entire issue to you! I mean, I think we all deserve to be put on a golden throne, carried through shopping centers, while drinking champaign and having rose petals thrown at us, but that’s just me!

Now, we are all in different stages of our Motherhood. Maybe you are a young mom reading this between diaper changes, soccer games and packing lunches. Perhaps you are a recent empty-nester who is dealing with your kids finally flying the coop and going to college? Maybe you are whooping it up in the Grandma years; visiting and spoiling your kids occasionally and finding time for your own new hobbies, friends and interests. Even if you’ve never had children, more than likely you are mom to someone. Maybe your furbabies (pets)? Possibly you are now in the role of giving care to your aging parents or elderly neighbor? Whatever a woman’s stage in life it seems like we are always taking care of someone, right? We nurture, we give, it’s what we do. Sometimes we take care of everyone else but ourselves.

Aside for being caregivers, we are movers and shakers. Women get things done! One of the cutest sayings I’ve heard was in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding. The father insists that he is the HEAD of the family. The mother agrees and says that she is the NECK of the family and the neck decides which direction the head will go! Sound familiar in your house?

When it comes to our city, we have some AMAZING women in Cape Coral. It was so hard to choose just a handful to feature in this issue. They are philanthropists, businesswomen, entrepreneurs, board members and more. They truly make Cape Coral better by being here and I feel inspired by them all.

So ladies, enjoy this issue and treat yourself well this month! See the Around Town section for details on how to enter our Makeover contest with Dr. Terese Taylor and Bruce Todd Salon.  After all, YOU deserve it! And as always, thank you for reading Cape Coral Lifestyle Magazine and for your ongoing support!