Ralph's Place 3

A community hangout that feels like home

Walking into Ralph’s Place is like catching a fly ball. It feels really good and you see your friends in the crowd cheering you on. New York and Boston memorabilia fill the walls like photos of family. Bob and Nicole Burns have been the proud owners of this bar and restaurant for nearly four years. Bob attended culinary school at Johnson and Wales in Rhode Island and hasn’t looked back.

“Bob’s passion is the food and overseeing the kitchen, while I take care of a lot of things on the business side,” says Nicole.

Together they make a strong team and have made many positive changes. Ralph’s Place opened twenty-eight years ago.

“We have a very dedicated customer base which continues to expand. Ralph’s Place has become one of the top choices for food in Cape Coral. This season has been a fantastic one,” says Bob.

At bat on the menu is a wide variety of specials. Saturday’s wheelhouse is delicious prime rib, said to be the best in the Cape. Sunday’s offering includes raffles for charity and football. Monday night football is always a big hit. Guests have a choice between sixteen televisions, inside or outside on the patio, to enjoy watching the game with friends. Tuesday’s southern comfort food is welcome while customers play bingo for charity. Wednesday’s double-header consists of wings and Italian fare. Thursday’s ace is steak and Friday’s fish and chips round out the week’s lineup. Live music slides into home on Friday and Saturday nights. It always livens up the evenings’ festivities for their patrons.

“We also have a thriving catering business under the same name,” says Nicole, “and we offer a package store where we sell liquor and beer to go, along with lottery tickets.”

Bob and Nicole are also passionate about giving back to the community, which lead to starting Ralph’s Place Charities. One of their favorites raises money to give more than 100 children in the community an annual showering of gifts at Christmastime. Each child receives several presents. The gifts are wrapped party-style right at the restaurant by the donors. The following week Bob and Nicole show their gratitude for the donations by throwing an appreciation party for their generous patrons. Ralph’s Place participates in trolley events, golf outings, and local cancer benefits.

“Patrons of Ralph’s Place are always willing to help the cause,” says Nicole.

Ralph’s Place, so much more than a bar and restaurant, is a great place to make and meet friends, eat delicious food and watch sporting events. Where else can you find such an enjoyable way to do something positive for the community? Ralph’s Place is a grand slam in anyone’s playbook.