Healthy Living in Cape Coral 1

I’m not afraid to say that I am forty-something, but I’m not sure how I got here. It feels like it was just a few days ago that I was excited to get my drivers license, go to prom and graduate high school. I blinked and now I am a mom, wife and dare I say it, “middle aged.”  However, I have convinced myself that forty is the new twenty! And yes, that means fifty is the new thirty, sixty is the new forty and so on. But, as I age, there has definitely been a shift in my thinking when it comes to my health.

I’ll admit in my 20’s I did some things that probably were not the best for my health, but boy was it fun! In my 30’s exercise was always about vanity and fitting into a certain pair of jeans and looking good. I also started a family and got so busy with the kid’s doctors appointments that I found myself skipping my own checkups for years at a time! For the first time in my life I’m thinking about my health and lifespan.  A run outside is more about cardiovascular benefits than burning off the pizza I ate. I’m scheduling regular checkups because I know I should. And I’m thinking maybe a few less cocktails and carbs and more fruits and veggies is a good choice. (Let’s not get crazy…everything in moderation!)

As summer hits I always get an urge to focus on my health. Up North we’d all hibernate for the winter, eat comfort foods and wear winter clothes. When summer drew near the menu was fresher, fruits and veggies were in season and everyone got outside more often. Also the jeans and sweaters had to be traded in for skimpier clothing. The thing I love about living in Cape Coral is that it’s “summertime” all year long!

I encourage you to live well and take good care of yourself. Try out one of the smoothie bowls featured in this months issue for breakfast, instead of the bacon and muffin. Get a membership to the Lee Memorial Wellness center and get active. Schedule that checkup that you’ve been putting off. Someone out there loves you a needs you around for a long time. And as they always say, whether you are 30, 40, 50 or 90, age is just a number!