July 2017 Around Town 2

MQIS Launches to Make Cape Coral Businesses More Efficient

McQueen Improvement Solutions (MQIS, em’ kwis) owner Elizabeth McQueen has spent the last 20 years helping businesses up north to operate more efficiently, manage risk better, and keep more of their hard-earned profits by being less wasteful. After visiting a few times, Elizabeth and her husband fell in love with Cape Coral (naturally!), and with their decision to relocate here came Elizabeth’s new coaching, consulting and training business.

Elizabeth says that, no matter the size of the company, there are enormous benefits to taking stock and actively reviewing “operational activities that may have made sense before, but are no longer a good fit for the business.” Important areas for review include quality of products / consistency of services, job descriptions and training, and risk management.

To make improvements you need to know where you’re starting from, so MQIS helps business owners to measure current performance of key activities. From there, Elizabeth works with clients to put in place the processes that will improve performance, thus saving time and money.

To learn more about MQIS and request a free consultation, contact Elizabeth at Elizabeth@mqis-us.com, or via the web contact form at mqis-us.com.

50 Years Welcoming Cape 
Coral Newcomers

In 1967 the Cape Coral New Resident Club was established to give newcomers the opportunity to exchange ideas and form friendships. This social-only tradition continues today in this, our 50th year.

Membership is open to anyone who has resided in Cape Coral for three years or less. If you’ve been here longer than that, you can still join the NRC- every September is “open enrollment” for all residents, regardless of length of residency.

The NRC holds a general meeting at 9:00 AM on the first Tuesday of each month at the Yacht Club. Coffee and light snacks are provided while the most dynamic social group in the Cape discusses monthly activities. Outside speakers present information on current topics of concern and available resources in the Cape. Zany graduate skits, raffles, and new member introduction put a focus on FUN!

Membership is less than $2 a month and lasts for 24 months. Everyone joining will be members of a group consisting of those starting that month. Normally, these smaller groups number two to three dozen. Each group decides its own name and holds its own activities, as well as participating in events held by the NRC as a whole.

After two years of NRC membership, you “matriculate” with your group to become a graduate member. You are still in the NRC, but now you have the option to also join the Cape Coral Social Club. After graduation, you are strongly encouraged to continue to attend all NRC meetings, activities, and events, including your group activities with other Club members.

For additional information, visit the NRC website at: CapeCoralNewResident.com, or contact Skip Kitchen at 630.327.9000.

Welcome to Cape Coral, your own slice of Paradise!

Jill Maier to compete in National American Miss 2017 Miss Florida 
Pre-Teen Pageant

Jill Maier’s family moved to Cape Coral at the end of 2013. She and her brother enjoy attending Oasis Elementary School. Jill will turn 12 this July and her brother turns 8 on the same day. Jill has only one dream in her life: to be a Top Fashion Model. In March her family received a letter from NAM National American Miss, that Jill Maier was selected for an open call. She got a photo shoot and a special interview time to present herself. That day was really exciting they almost couldn’t wait for the results.

Seven days later she got a second letter and was accepted as one of the State Finalists through a State Selection Committee in the National American Miss 2017 Miss Florida Pre-Teen Pageant to be held July 29th and 30th at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress in Orlando, Florida. We wish her good luck and hope she has lots of fun!

Get Fit, Have Fun!

Fit + Fun located on Skyline Blvd in Cape Coral, Florida is now offering three new classes! Weight loss Classes for Beginners is a class for anyone who wants to shed extra pounds and get fit while having fun! Burn calories, improve your endurance and strengthen your heart with easy to follow low-impact movements. Tone and firm your muscles through body weight exercises. This class is for all levels and modifications are made for those with limitations.

Try Earlybird Bootcamp. This class is perfect for those with a busy lifestyle and for those who often feel they don’t have time for themselves. Fit in your fitness all before going to work. The functional full body interval training with strength and endurance exercises and upbeat music is the best kickstart to a successful day.

Take Self Defense a four session class and learn ways to feel more secure and comfortable, recognize potential threats, act and react in threatening situations and protect and defend yourself if you get attacked by using your body and the things you carry with you on a daily basis.

Improve your flexibility through gentle stretching exercises at the end of each class. Classes are taught in English or German, come with optional life coaching and special diet recommendations and supplements. There are no contracts and the first class is always free!

Find the schedule online and be sure to watch Alex’s introduction video FitAndFun.us.

Photography Contest!

Cape Coral Lifestyle Magazine is hosting a photography contest for the best “Summertime Shadows” photo. Email shots to Dana.Scippo@LifestylePubs.com. Deadline: August 15th.