The Doctor Is In 1

Choosing a doctor can be a difficult decision. Many of us like to have the endorsement of a friend or family member while others of us rely on our own online searches. Determining who will assist you in your health and wellness decisions shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Make an appointment before a concern arises and be prepared to ask questions. Once you find a doctor you feel comfortable with and that you can trust you truly become your own advocate. Here are a few Cape Coral doctors welcoming new patients!

Dr. Farrell Tyson

Cape Coral Eye Center

“Some of the best health care in the country exists right here in the Cape,” states Farrell C. Tyson, II, M.D.

Cape Coral Eye Center is a second-generation ophthalmic business which was started in the 1980s by his father. Dr. Tyson has been involved with this practice since the age of ten when he seamlessly balanced his time at the eye center with school and soccer. He played for the Cape Coral Tornados when the Pelican Soccer Complex was just bare field, except for the burrowing owls, and even played with his traveling team in Germany. Dr. Tyson became valedictorian at Cypress Lake High School before attending John Hopkins University, earning a biomedical engineering degree. Later he earned a Doctor of Medicine from the University of South Florida College of Medicine. Since returning home, Dr. Tyson has expanded his business to six offices with two surgery centers, employing more than ninety people.

Cape Coral Eye Center was the first ambulatory surgery center and still is the only location in Cape Coral for eye surgery. The center is the only full-service ophthalmic practice in the city. Dr. Tyson is also a consultant for twenty-three ophthalmic companies and is heavily involved in Food and Drug Administration (FDA) research, running fifteen to twenty studies at any given time.

This relationship with industry and studies allows for access to the latest and greatest technology for his patients long before other practices in the nation. “We now have the technology to do real-time adjustments right in the surgery room with real time laser measurements of the eye. For example, we can choose a different power intra-ocular lens during surgery, based on laser measurements after the cataract has been removed. We have improved the prognosis of glaucoma, too: we can relieve eye pressure with shunts and stents now, which reduce or eliminate our patients dependence on eye drops and helps prevent further damage to the eye or even blindness.”

Dr. Tyson is an expert in his field and gleams with pride when discussing medical technology. With a unique blend of engineering and surgical knowledge, its obvious Dr. Tyson is living his calling by helping so many people through his talent and expertise. Dr. Tyson is very proud of his two children too. His daughter, who is in Middle School, competes nationally through Robin Dawn Dance of Cape Coral. His son, who attends High School, is finishing up his Eagle Scout, a family tradition through several generations on both sides. Tyson has shared his knowledge on medical missions to many countries, including Honduras, Russia, China, Kenya, Mexico and Panama.

“Tyson Eye is one of the top 5 employers in the city and we are long-term Cape Coral supporters,” he states.

Dr. Janice I. Birr, an Optometrist with the practice for 25 years, shares with Dr. Tyson a story of being the second family in Cape Coral to get cable television. Dr. Birr had to be bussed to Ft. Myers to attend high school, since the Cape did not have a high school yet.

Even though Cape Coral is a fairly young city, we are very fortunate to have dedicated members of the community like Dr. Tyson. He cares deeply about his city and promotes excellence through example in his intricate work on the human eye, along with his outreach to help others. Thankfully, Cape residents can get topnotch and full-service medical care for their eyes right here without ever having to leave the city. The eyes really do have it in the Cape.

Tyson Eye: 239.542.2020

Dr. Kile Sherry

Reef Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

When you walk into the coastal themed office of Reef Dentistry the bright blue and white décor is very inviting, but what truly draws you in are Dr. Sherry, his wife Tatiana and their cheerful staff. The charismatic husband and wife team go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and confident that you are in good hands.

Dr. Sherry is originally from Pennsylvania where he worked for three years with his father’s dental practice. A few years ago, he decided to relocate to Southwest Florida and in 2016 opened his own practice in the NW Cape. As a child, Sherry jokes that he wanted to rebel against the idea of following in the family footsteps of dentistry. From ages 16 to 20 he even traveled the world as a professional tennis player, but the family business drew him back in.

“As a kid, I remember being at my dad’s office on a regular basis, being around the staff and looking through textbooks at photos of dental issues. It was just second nature to me.”

The office handles all areas of general dentistry, as well as crowns, bridges, extractions, whitening and total mouth reconstruction. “The most satisfying thing is helping people.”, states Sherry. “It may be fixing stained teeth, alleviating pain or easing their anxiety about visiting the dentist.” There is also the cosmetic side of things. He shared a story with me about a recent patient who had been unhappy with her teeth for a long time. “She’d hide them in photos. After some crown work and whitening, for the first time in a long time, she liked the way her smile looked in the mirror.”

Dr. Sherry likes to present multiple solutions to a problem. The office does accept a variety of insurances, but understands that not everyone has dental coverage. Keeping the patients budget in mind when trying to find the best treatment plan is a priority. The practice tagline is “Dentistry your way”.

With a wife, two children under the age of three and a thriving new dental practice, down time is rare. But when he has the day off you can catch him on the water fishing or boating. Learn more about Dr. Sherry and his practice at

Dr. Scott Caesar

University Urology

Born and raised in Miami, Dr. Caesar moved North for his education. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Rochester and completed his medical school training at the University of Pennsylvania. He received his urology training at the University of Pennsylvania under world renowned Dr. Alan Wein. Three years ago, he came back home to start his practice, University Urology.

In his three offices throughout the Cape and Fort Myers, he treats all areas of urological issues including oncology, BPH (enlarged prostate), kidney stones, erectile dysfunction, family planning and more. Dr. Caesar has written many book chapters on subjects ranging from robotic kidney surgery to prostatitis. While at Penn, he worked with and trained under leading surgeons and experts in the field of urology. He maintains a very strong relationship with the institution and its affiliated hospitals. Dr. Caesar is also a member of the American Urological Association, Florida Medical Association and Lee County Medical Society, who he will represent at an upcoming conference in Orlando this summer.

What attracted him to the field of urology is his love of the operating room and performing surgery. Dr. Caesar was fascinated by the different types of procedures available to urology patients. What he values most about his role is being able to truly impact his patient’s quality of life.

“The most rewarding thing about treating my patients are the outcomes we are able to achieve. Whether it’s for cancer, erectile dysfunction or pain/issues from stones or BPH, we can have a big impact on the quality of their day to day life.”

The office has a very close knit staff that feels like a family.

“This feeling flows over to our patients. We see many of them on a regular basis and they feel like part of our family.”

All patients are seen directly by Dr. Caesar himself at each visit. He feels this is critical for the doctor/patient relationship and he is easily accessible when needed.

Scott is a family man, married to wife Gloria. He also has a two-year old daughter Sofia and a new addition to the family, Gabriella who is just two months old. He enjoys playing basketball and is a huge fan of all Miami sports teams. Learn more about Dr. Caesar at