Beauty and the Beasts 14

Crystal Shares…

I think everyone thinks my dogs are perfect all the time. The truth is my dogs attempt to do everything that every other dog wants to do. Just like humans they have desires, weaknesses and emotions. By creating a structured environment, I keep a balance in my home with 14 dogs. Balance is achieved through structure, consistency, exercise and fulfillment.


Keeping your dog or dogs organized and stable is a top priority. Treat them the same every day. Ensure that your daily routine and patterns are organized. Your dog will adapt to your daily life and demeanor. Dogs find comfort in knowing what to expect.


This can be difficult to offer our canines. No matter how consumed we are with our hectic daily lives we must remember to keep the same rules of the house regardless of how we feel that day. If we don’t want a dog to jump up on people, we can’t allow it ever. No jumping allowed 100% of the time. Begging is another behavior where consistency can really impact the behavior. If you give your dog food at the table, you’ll have a beggar at every meal. Often giving them a treat after dinner can condition them to wait until you are finished. Consistency is a simple concept, but it can be very difficult to stick to. Dogs don’t understand conditional terms very well. It must be all or nothing!


Exercise is a great way to keep balance in your home. It’s not only a way to form a strong bond with your dog, but exercise keeps dogs mentally and physically healthy. A tired dog is a happy dog. It’s best to create exercises that support the activities the dog is genetically adapted for. Fetch is great for a chase urge. Bike riding with your dog is great for run instincts and provides discipline. Discipline and exercise that uses natural instincts is the best combination. Not all dogs are built physically or mentally to be great achievers in Dock Diving, but if they get a grab it seems to become both handler and pup’s favorite thing to do. Remember it’s is all about having fun with your animal!


A result of fully developing a dog’s abilities and character make for a happy dog! By providing structure, consistency and exercise your dog will achieve self-fulfillment. The dog will feel loved, confident and happy. Always look for ways to fulfill your dog and you will find fulfillment.

Great advice from an expert!

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