Why do we keep pets? 2

The relationship between humans and pets can be dated back 2,000 years. In what is now Israel, archeologists uncovered a burial with a puppy in the hand of a human. There is documentation of pets being kept in the Fertile Crescent. Artifacts, artwork and archeological evidence of pets existing in Ancient Egypt are plentiful. Chinese emperor Ling-Ti of the Han Dynasty gave his dogs the rank of senior court officials. Pets were kept in the Middle Ages. Fish, birds, tortoises…all kept throughout recent history too. Our relationship with pets is woven into the thread of our human existence. But why? Why do we keep pets?

Unlike offspring who pass along our genes, our pets offer less material returns. What’s in it for us? Our pets are costly. They rack up vet bills and we must feed them. Ok, dogs sometimes work for us in areas like self-protection, therapy, and military defense. But far more often they are just companions, friends and family members. For some us we can’t imagine a home without pets. They enrich our human experience, give us hope, metaphorically support our understandings about life and even connect us to deep spiritual beliefs.

Some experts believe that pet-keeping naturally exists in hunter-gather communities and so it must be inbuilt, while others believe it’s our culture that shapes pet ownership. Many believe keeping pets is at the root of our social existence and desire to live and interact with others. Pets get us off the couch, so maybe we keep them for health reasons?

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly why humans keep pets. Like most things in life it’s probably a combination of several factors. Can you imagine a world without pets? I can’t. I mean they are so cute!

Pets wake us up in the morning and welcome us home after work. They depend on us, provide company, teach us empathy and touch our hearts. They make us laugh, test our patience and even perplex us at times. Pets profoundly impact our lives.

This issue is all about the pets! Crystal McClaran, whose practical approach to training and well-grounded perspective shares how she keeps her pack of 14 in balance. Meet JoJo McRodi, a Common Marmoset Monkey who loves Frappuccinos and cheese sticks. Discover the exquisite furniture of Tropical Furniture Gallery. Learn about Yappy Hour at your pet’s favorite place, Pet Coral. Cape Coral Lifestyle’s Cutest Pet Contest winners are revealed!

The dog days of summer just perked up!