Seas the Day 9

Make every weekend a staycation with Destination Boat Clubs

Many snowbirds, and some permanent residents in our area, want to enjoy the boating experience in the waters of Southwest Florida without assuming the responsibilities and expenses that come with owning a boat. A popular alternative is to become a member of Destination Boat Clubs.

Indiana resident, Corey Surrett, and his wife, Chris, spend about six months in Florida at varying times throughout the year. “I used to own a boat” said Surrett. “I’ve put up with everything that’s involved; expenses, storage, insurance, maintenance and cleaning. Joining the Club has made it possible for me to have the boat of my choice anytime I want. Captain Dave gets us in the {fully equipped} boat and we’re on our way. At the end of the day, when we get back to the dock, Captain Dave and his staff take over. We just get in the car and leave.”

Surrett’s son, Steve, and grandsons, Brixton, Preston and Weston look forward every year to June when school is out and they get to visit “Pappy” and “Nana” in Cape Coral. Nine-year-old Brixton loves it when Pappy makes the boat go fast. “We get big waves. Pappy tries to miss the waves but sometimes we get splashed. One time we were in a storm and we got soaked!” Seven-year-old Preston likes to go shelling. Five-year-old Westin’s favorite boat is the pontoon because there’s “room to take a nap.”

Membership in the Club requires a one-time initiation fee, then a monthly fee. After three years, a member has the option of discontinuing participation in the Club or, without paying an additional initiation fee, renewing the membership. “It’s worth every penny,” said Surrett.

Owner, Dirk Werner, takes pride in his fleet, which consists of a variety of late model boats. “We keep the boats in tip top shape and we replace each vessel every three years,” said Werner. He and his employees make every effort to ensure that members have a safe, fun day on the water. “Our staff is made up of dedicated, good people. We are a family.”

Staffer, Brian Zazarro, a recent addition to the “family” at the Tarpon Point Marina location in Cape Coral, emphasized another aspect of safety, “We have a significant law enforcement presence. The Sheriff, Cape Coral Police and Florida Fish and Wildlife launch from here. They keep an eye on things.”

Club Members’ favorite boating activities include visits to Cabbage Key, Cayo Costa State Park, Sanibel, Captiva, Lovers Key, Ft. Myers Beach, Keyway din Island and Little Marco Island. At times, preferably during the middle of the week, members can keep the boat overnight and spend the night camping at one of the waterfront parks, or staying at a beach hotel. A condition for this arrangement is that boats must be secured at a dock, or in a marina. For regular day trips, they can be anchored out, but cannot be beached.  Members may reserve a boat at any of the Club’s three locations; Cape Coral, Naples and Key West.

Bob and Carol Morgan’s deep tans testify to their love of cruising our coastal waters. Residents of Ft. Myers, they appreciate being able to procure a boat at either the Cape Coral or Naples venues. “We like to take the family out and find a beach, visit one of the islands, or meet up with friends.” Bob expressed complete satisfaction with their Destination Boat Clubs membership, “The service is fantastic. I always know I’m getting a clean, good boat!”

For more information regarding fees and services, contact Office Manager, Kim Crowe at 239-945-6493, or visit the website: