Catch the Vision 3

See what 2018 has in store for the Cape!

The 7th Annual Catch the Vision Real Estate Forecast Event is coming soon! Our new format “Live from Cape Coral—it’s Tuesday Night” news show was received by the audience very well. This year promises to bring more excitement to the event with our News Cast team roaming the City for more in depth stories of future development in our City. Expect to hear some of the Success Stories we told you would happen over the last few years, a new segment of Fake News (Fact of Fiction). We will have a food segment, our roving reporter will show us that there is Night Life in Cape Coral and more on the way. Catch the Vision will showcase new developments and New Jobs coming to Cape Coral. Be the first to know some of the newest commercial corners being developed and who is moving into your neighborhood. Catch the Vision is open to the public, we encourage all residents to attend and learn all they can about the City they have chosen to live in. The entry ticket includes a color resource information book with all our sponsors, valuable information from the City of Cape Coral, including land use and zoning maps, flood maps, city directories and much more. All proceeds after expenses will be donated to the Cape Coral Caring Center for their Holiday Food Drive. Event information and tickets may be purchased on line at For more information please contact Linda Biondi or Gloria Tate 239.542.2254 or and