Cape Cuisine

Food. It’s essential. It’s an art form. It nourishes the body and touches our souls. Food defines our cultures and it can even transport us through time. Purple cauliflower, chocolate for breakfast, and nourishments that help people sleep, have more energy or focus their attention are big in 2017. What will the food trends bring us next? If you love trying the new hotspots, dining out with friends at the usual hangouts or enjoy a night at home cooking with friends and family, you’ll enjoy this month’s issue. This one’s for the foodies!

I used to believe old cities like Chicago, New York, San Francisco or Boston had the market cornered on good eats. Maybe on a certain level they do when you consider nostalgia or that been-there-for-a-hundred-years ambiance that many of the restaurants in these cities have. I’ll admit there is something very special about a place that’s been in the family for three generations or that deli with the booth in the back that your grandfather sat in as a teenager. However, something exciting is happening in our youthful city.

We get to be part of Cape Coral’s food history in these formative years. It’s thrilling seeing new restaurants break ground with new ideas while meeting the needs of the residents. Many of our eateries are standing the test of time and beginning to define our city.

In this issue, we are exploring Cape Cuisine! Enjoy this month’s feature where you will learn about a local favorite, Merrick Seafood Market and Fish Tale Grill, Fins, an up-and-coming hotspot, known for its eclectic décor and delightful eats, and Point 57 with its contemporary class and comforts of home. Florida Microgreens introduces how tiny powerhouses pack a nutrient-rich punch and are changing the food industry. Meet Chef Jack Elias from Commercial Foods & Culinary Arts program at Cape Coral Technical college. As we approach the start of a new year, discover more about Cape Coral’s 2018 trends in the article, Catch the Vision.

It’s a great issue. Grab a snack, kick back and enjoy it!