Stretch it Out 6

Stretching Our Inner Circle for Global Impact

Inspired by Annie Ruth Campbell, Melissa Benson helped established Stretch It Out Enterprise, a faith-based, charitable 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in February 2015. The mission is to serve those in the community in need of love, awareness or financial assistance. The organization is currently based in Lee County, but, as the name implies, it envisions expanding statewide and beyond.

Truly passionate about helping local families in the community, Stretch It Out Enterprise is known for annual events such as Fight Against Cancer Celebration, Art from the Heart, Bingo for Breast Cancer and Annie’s Angels – Adopt a Family. This holiday season, families in need of assistance and gifts for their children will connect with those able to give back and support their community.

“Stretch It Out encourages others to do more—stretch their time, pockets, energy and efforts to be of help to others in our community,” Melissa says.

Stretch It Out Enterprise helps residents. Donors feel empowered knowing their contributions are going directly to a family instead of being sold, inspiring the community to give keeps the team motivated.

Melissa and the board of directors are setting goals for the upcoming year, including the purchase of a box truck to pick up and distribute donated furniture and a corporate office to host workshops and minister to individuals.

“We trust that with our persistent hard work and inspiration to others to get involved, we will meet and exceed these goals,” she says.

If you or your family would like to support others this giving season by donating gently used clothing, shoes, home goods or furniture, contact Melissa and make a huge difference to a family in our community.

For more information, 
or call 239.634.9476.