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2018 Fitness Trends 
Motivate Cape Residents

The new skinny is strong! Gym rats, yogis, trainers, runners, power couples and spin heads alike proudly display tees and tanks touting this mantra. The industry shift has inspired significant trends rousing those who are already active while welcoming newbies with toned arms. We combed our city in search of this year’s hottest trends and found four fitness fads worth trying.

Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga takes a beloved favorite to new heights. Reducing stress, stretching and toning muscles while supporting the mind-body connection is the result here. Assisted by a yoga swing or hammock, participants practice asanas. Attachments such as handles and straps deepen the stretch and allow total suspension, thus creating a floating-on-a-cloud feeling.

Melissa Wallace, Aerial Yoga instructor and owner of The Full Lotus Wellness Initiatives, is living her passion by helping others reach new limits through wellness initiatives.

“Beginners, seniors, kids, pre-teen to advanced yogis can use the swing as it is used as merely a prop,” she says. “Training on the swing and doing various inversions can be a huge help to decompress the spine, those who have joint issues and who may have trouble working out on the floor. The added bonus of training on a swing is that it gets those endorphins going and sometimes it can make you feel like that kid again. All around a fun experience!”

Personal Training for Older Adults


Face it. Sometimes you just don’t want to shake your rump with the 20-somethings. Personal training for older adults is becoming increasingly popular. As the body changes so should your exercise routine.

“Research has proven it’s never too late to start exercising to slow the aging process and improve quality of life,” personal trainer Jeri Ann Lundgren, shares. “Training geared toward the 55 and older community is on the rise, not only because of the boom but because of their individualized strategies that yield individualized results.”

Jeri Ann’s clients experience better balance, improved mobility and brain functions and decreased incidences of depression and arthritic joint pain. Participants often reduce their risk of developing chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis.

Specialized Group Classes


Specialized group fitness studios are rapidly replacing the traditional “big gym” known for free weights and cable pulley machines which have been the main industry since the 1970s.

Aerobic classes such as Zumba, step and indoor cycling have laid the foundation for group exercise. However, with the addition of strength and functional training classes such as boot camp, circuit training and total body conditioning, the appeal of group exercise has become more widespread. Group aerobics, once thought of as a woman’s workout, now appeals to both men and women due to the introduction of modalities such as the TRX suspension trainer, the Rip Trainer, kettlebells, Bosu Balls and specialty formatted programs such as Beachbody Live’s P90X Live Class, Insanity Live, Country Heat Live, PiYO Live and Turbo Kick Live.

“Machines are not needed! With the use of the TRX suspension trainer and Rip Trainer, your body becomes the machine,” Gulf Coast Family Fitness Center owner Israel Rosado says. “Any exercise that you can do on a machine can be done here. TRX is better because all you need to do is alter your vector to increase or decrease the load allowing you to maximize your workout with minimal downtime. We see far less injury too.”



Based on functional fitness theory, CrossFit teaches participants proper movement developing an overall level of fitness for everyday life. CrossFit is probably one of the most misunderstood sports. Yes, it is a sport! Some people may think it’s only for advanced athletes, but it for everyone.

“We can scale our program to meet the needs of all fitness levels,” Abba Devitt, Cape Coral CrossFit owner and trainer, says. “You don’t have to wait until you are in shape to get started.”

Participants enter “The Box,” partaking in ever-changing high-intensity exercises. Enthusiasts embrace CrossFit wholly, often expressing their dedication and respect for the sport and team members. The group setting is motivating and creates a sense of community, so participants are connected to something greater than working out. Overcoming challenges and being your best, fittest self is the purpose.

The new year has us setting goals and taking risks. We’re adding that trendy dress to our wardrobe, enjoying new technology and even experimenting with hair and makeup trends. Now, you’ve got the skinny on strong. Whether you’re the weekend warrior, powerlifter, scratch golfer or have never worked out a day in your life, this is your year! Trainers are keeping the industry cutting edge and offering clients new ways to reach those 2018 fitness goals. Try a trend today!