Meet the Maker: Kristina Jackson

Kristina Jackson carried an art easel around for a decade or two before finally realizing her talent for painting. One night, in the dim light, she submitted to the corners of her mind, where the aptly named “Lady in Waiting” had been hiding in melancholic blues and grays on a ledge.

“She’s waiting,” Kristina says of her first piece. “She’s waiting for life to meet her, she’s waiting for love, she’s waiting for … happiness and health.”

One of the challenges the artist faces is her ongoing struggle with diabetes. This self-portrait is vividly telling the story of a woman who was waiting to live and finally began her life as an artist.

About 20 minutes into her first painting, Kristina realized that this medium had chosen her to bring about life in all its shades. Unfortunately, the ins and outs of everyday life wrapped its tendrils around every moment, choking out the necessary time that could have been left over for creativity.

Now, Kristina’s art can be viewed locally in galleries and has also been featured in a few publications. Painting has finally taken its place and become a permanent marker in her life. 

“Everything in life can be some form of art,” Kristina says.

The biggest rewards have been the people she’s met and the opportunity to share her work.

“I have met some of the most good-hearted people who are talented beyond measure,” she says.

At the end of the day, she simply wants her paintings to make people pause.

“I hope that it makes people stop for a moment to look within,” Kristina says.

Although she has no idea what the rest of this journey looks like, Kristina looks forward to taking each step as it comes.

Kristina Jackson’s work can be viewed at