The Traditional Vietnamese Cuisine Newcomer is Serving Up Delicious Dishes and Receiving 
Rave Reviews

The restaurant’s name might be Two Sisters, but this Southeast Asian gem is truly a family affair. In late September 2017, Two Sisters Vietnamese Cuisine opened in a hole-in-the-wall space on Del Prado Boulevard.

From the start, word got out about the exquisite exotic fare and the customers have been coming ever since.

The two sisters are Thu Le and Dianna Kielow. They opened the restaurant with their mother, Le Tang, who is the originator of many of the recipes they prepare in the kitchen. The family hails from Seattle, but they now all call Cape Coral home and wanted to share their mouthwatering Vietnamese cuisine with the local community.

While the word-of-mouth publicity does somewhat surprise them, the sisters are not surprised by how much their customers enjoy the food.

“We want our customers to feel comfortable like they are joining our family for dinner,” Thu says. “We are more than happy to help customers find something on the menu that would appeal to them, especially if they aren’t familiar with Vietnamese food.”

Indeed, the menu is packed with items that will delight and entice the taste buds.

While many Southwest Floridians might be familiar with pho—the popular Vietnamese noodle soup dish—Two Sisters’ menu goes far beyond pho and includes delightful appetizers, rice dishes, stir-fries, noodle dishes, Vietnamese sandwiches and their own specialties, including garlic butter chicken wings and a Vietnamese-style pork and shrimp crepe.

“Everything we make is made-to-order. Nothing is pre-prepared,” Thu says. “Everything is fresh, and we cook only once something is ordered.”

The quality of the ingredients is outstanding, and despite the effort the owners go through to source the ingredients, the prices are reasonable. Most entrees are priced around $10.

They also serve a variety of beverages, including boba teas, Vietnamese coffee, several beer options and a fairly extensive wine selection.

If you are looking for a unique, affordable and authentic meal, then Two Sisters Vietnamese Cuisine is a must-try.

“We focus on finding the freshest and finest quality ingredients. These are recipes we’ve served in our own homes for generations.” 
—Thu Le, co-owner, Two Sisters Vietnamese Cuisine

Two Sisters Vietnamese Cuisine is located at 1311 Del Prado Blvd., Unit A-B in Cape Coral. For more information, call 239.573.6360 or visit