Barbara McCubbin Helps Students Find Their Own Life’s Song

All music was born inside of someone. Imagine that someone is you or your child. McCubbin’s Music Conservatory is just such a place to find that inward melody, and Barbara McCubbin is the kind of person who will lead you there. Every room in the conservatory has been named after the rooms of a castle, and the students are fittingly known as lords, ladies, dukes, duchesses and the like.

At the music conservatory, Barbara delights in helping her students, of any age, to find their own life’s song. She firmly believes each of us holds this song somewhere inside. In the Grand Suite, one can study the piano and prepare for upcoming recitals. Barbara does not believe in apologies for playing a wrong note, so one needn’t fear. Guitar and violin lessons are given in the Minstrel’s Gallery.

The rules in this creative space are based on the positive “can” rather than the negative “can’t.” Barbara does not allow students to use the word can’t, because she believes it stifles the inborn ability to be creative itself. While the conservatory has a tenacious focus on serious music, she admits that it is the most fun place on earth for her, and often finds it difficult to tear herself away at the end of the day.

Whether one’s life’s song is found in their voice, on strings or on keys, Barbara has made it her passion to pull it out, while instilling a lifelong love of music. Perhaps you’re a musical prodigy or it could be you’re a musical greenhorn. Either way, if you find yourself at Cubby’s Castle, prepare to become a composer.