Timepiece Treasures 7

Farm House Clock Designs Reminds us to Treasure the Moment

A sit down with Pamela Welch from Farm House Clock Designs reveals the versatility of this timeless design.

Although your designs are intrinsically rustic, they complement a modern office or contemporary kitchen. The blue-gray and white block dzesign even have a nautical vibe. What makes your designs so versatile?

We try to design our clocks to have the farmhouse feel and look along with an element of modern design, so they will accent all types of spaces whether it’s in an older home, newer home with modern designs, cottage or an office environment.

Where are your clocks? Who buys them?

Our clocks hang in New York City apartments, office spaces, beach cottages on the Atlantic Ocean, farmhouses in New England and all around the country. We have clocks in all but three states. We have customers buying them for their parents, business owners for their offices, men buying them as surprise gifts for their wives.

Do you design anything else?

We have made a few signs and will be adding them to our site. Also, we made a farmhouse table and bench; however, we have not ventured into selling them yet.

What do you want people to know about your clocks?

We make each clock like it was our own. The same process is used on each one from start to finish. Our quality is the most important part of the entire process.

What is one thing in your workshop that you can’t live without?

We designed a jig to hold the clocks as we cut the circles. That saves us a lot of time.

Why do clocks make a special gift?

I think because every time someone glances at them, it brings back the special memories of the occasion whether it was a housewarming gift, anniversary gift or any other special occasion. Treasure those moments. Our clocks are something that can be passed down from generation to generation.