Where the Fine Arts Hang

When Lee Perrault and her husband came down from New Hampshire with a boatload of rescued, geriatric animals, they decided Cape Coral would be home. They renovated a house they liked, but Lee would need a studio. She found a home on Del Prado for her working studio with a gallery in front. She currently has three artists beside herself who display their work in her gallery.

Lee has an intrinsic love for plein air painting, which means painting outside. The light and energy, she says, brings magic to your art. Like most artists, she has been drawing since she could hold a pencil. Most of those first drawings were of animals, so in addition to landscapes, she finds herself painting a lot of critters, though she admits that she moves in whatever direction the art takes her.

In addition to painting, Lee has always collected things to bring back to life or shape in a way that would brand them art. She often finds herself on the beach or at yard sales, looking for old pieces of throwaway metals. Where someone else has declared an item finished, Lee often sees another destiny in its future.

“When you start sanding and polishing it starts to reveal all the beauty in these pieces of metal,” she says. “They begin to come together and take on a life of their own.”

She reveals that when putting these metal pieces together, it’s almost like a puzzle. Her experience as a colorist and interior designer, which she continues to do remotely in New Hampshire, shines through in her artistry because Lee can tell intuitively if something needs a touch of color and knows just how to work that in as well. It should come as no surprise that, years earlier, Lee was immersed in the world of graphic design as her love for drawing led her down that path for a time. Though being able to both see and draw in three dimensions came in handy, Lee did not see herself being chained to a computer and decided to follow her heart instead.

Lee dances to her own tune and knows that life presents the right opportunities at just the right moment. Cape Coral presented itself, and Catbird Studio + Gallery was born. As a result, the hearts of many artists now beat within the walls.