Creating Sustainable Development through Empowerment

For more than 30 years, Echo has been helping thousands of organizations servicing small-scale farmers worldwide by spreading seeds of agricultural knowledge. By creating a global network, Echo shares solutions that promote sustainable farming techniques that improve food production. 

“Globally, helping small-scale farmers become more sustainable means that they are actively caring for their environment as well as caring for their livelihoods,” Danielle Flood says. “This is sustainable development.” 

“At Echo, we seek to empower small-scale farmers by moving them towards growth-oriented change, which is good for the people and for the environment,” Chief Operations Officer Tim Albright says. “We provide knowledge resources and new skills to equip them in overcoming nourishment challenges, increase their own capacity, improve the sustainability of their communities and progress towards their full potential.”

Echo’s North Fort Myers campus is home to its international headquarters, Global Farm and Research Center, reference library, seed bank, tropical fruit nursery, global bookstore and staff offices. Echo also makes a local impact. Last year, Echo donated 2,438 pounds of produce to Community Cooperative, an organization fighting hunger and homelessness in our community, in an ongoing partnership that is more than five years old. 

According to Echo’s website, approximately 795 million people across the world are hungry. More than 9 million children under age 5 die every year, and malnutrition accounts for more than one-third of these deaths. Tour Echo today and meet people fighting world hunger through sustainable solutions.  

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