Get Ready to Sweat and Have Some Fun! 7

Tempted to Train for an Ironman? Trying to Lose the Stubborn Beer Belly? BodyFeed has a Workout Plan for You!

Eddie Keller started training when he wanted to lose weight and get fit. Now he helps others in Cape Coral achieve their own fitness goals. Eddie trains people at all fitness levels, and he tailors workout routines to fit each member’s individual needs. BodyFeed members often use cross-training workout plans: running, swimming and biking. “I absolutely love everything Eddie has done for me,” Otis Delgado, BodyFeed member, says. “I could barely run when I first started training with him, but this year I’m doing my first half-marathon.” Eddie’s coaching starts at $80 per month, and he offers a free trial. Visit or call 954.278.6645.

The Dynamic Workout

Warrior lunge


Toy soldier


Lateral lunge


Star touch


Runner’s touch


Follow with cardio workout

Varies by person

Cool-down stretches