Former firefighter, cancer activist, coach, local business owner…. Is there anything Nick Libretto doesn’t do?

Spotting a fire truck outside a local business would usually be cause for alarm, but if a fire truck is parked outside ABC Pest Control, it’s just another day at the office for owner Nick Libretto.

Why a firetruck? As a 15-year veteran of the Cape Coral Fire Department, Nick uses the high-profile vehicle to get attention for the causes he supports, including cancer research — especially for firefighters, who have a six percent greater risk for cancer and have a harder time getting insurance in Florida. 

After he left the fire department in 1995, Nick joined the family business: pest control.

Nick’s late father, Ray Libretto, started ABC Pest Control 40 years ago this year after the family moved to Cape Coral from New Jersey. He has lived in Cape Coral for 41 years. He moved here as a 9th grader and was in the first graduating class of Cape Coral High School.

Nick is the president of the Certified Pest Control Operators of Southwest Florida, and he often works on legislation and issues that pertain to pest control issues statewide.

Nick is also heavily involved in the community with American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, and he’s been a volunteer football coach for 28 years. He emphasizes teaching trust, loyalty, hard work and commitment.

“Football will come and go,” Nick says, “but teaching these kids important values — that’s what will stay with them for life.”

ABC Pest Control now has 14 loyal employees, and Nick hasn’t had a salesman in more than 20 years. He relies on word of mouth and a great reputation.

“We really value our employees and our customers,” he says. “They are not just numbers, they are family and long-time friends. We know our customers and their families by name.”

“In my heart I’ve always been a fireman, and I think I always will.” — Nick Libretto

ABC Pest Control

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