Professional photographer and style blogger Ashley Hafstead considers her closet not just a place to hang her extensive wardrobe. For Ashley, her closet is a retreat where she can admire her coveted and specially curated collection of clothes as if she were in a fine boutique. Her closet is also the place where she is inspired to create new styles on a daily basis.

“I’ve always had a deep love affair with fashion since I was young. I remember my mom always had the most amazing closet, and since that day I always tried to have my own amazing closet,” Ashley says.

However, somewhere along the line, her elegant and eclectic wardrobe started to burst from the walls of her walk-in closet. She knew it was time to create a space that accommodated her one-of-a-kind wardrobe, so she called Closet Factory to help her transform a spare bedroom into a gorgeous dressing room and apparel sanctuary.

“Deb, my Closet Factory designer, was just beyond incredible. I was kind of a tough customer because she actually said she had never seen anybody that had so many accessories as I had,” Ashley says. “I’ll never forget the moment when she was going over my inventory list and she was saying, “’No. Wait. How many bags do you have?’”

The collaboration between Ashley and Deb produced a detailed design that emphasized clean, white melamine hanging space with drawers that had clear lucite pulls so that Ashley’s clothes and unique style would be highlighted. The entire process made Ashley feel that she had a true designing partner throughout the entire process.

“[Deb] and I laughed and had such a good time,” Ashley says. “She held my hand through the whole thing and made me feel at ease. I still have to pinch myself.”

Now, when Ashley walks into her closet, she feels like she is stepping into her own private boutique that is organized and coordinated for her specific needs and lifestyle.

“My new closet has changed the way I can take care of my clothing,” Ashley says. “Now I can properly take care of the clothes that I have invested in. And all of my clothes have room to breathe. It’s incredible.”

Benefits of Ashley’s new Closet Factory organizational system:

  • She formed a great collaborative friendship with her Closet Factory designer.

  • She is now able to easily pack for one of her exotic trips because she can see all of her clothing, scarves and jewelry in one place.

  • She found a new way to store her extensive collection of over-the-knee boots.

  • She can easily create more new style designs and wardrobe combinations with her closet valet rods.

  • She feels so exhilarated and creative with her entire collection of curated clothes all in one beautiful place.

  • She can show off her entire collection of jewelry in her custom-built closet island.


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