Know How to Shuck an Oyster? Take a Lesson from the Pros at Cape Harbour Oyster Bar

It might seem intimidating to shuck an oyster, but Heath Hyndman, owner of Cape Harbour Oyster Bar, says it’s pretty easy to learn the skill.

“It’s not about strength, it’s about technique,” Heath says.

Heath says they rely exclusively on Dexter oyster knives, which can be ordered online. At Cape Harbour Oyster Bar, they serve their oysters with cocktail sauce, horseradish, lemon and their own special Champagne mignonette.

The menu at Cape Harbour Oyster Bar offers plenty of fresh shellfish, but it also offers a good variety of other dining options from salads to burgers. There’s also a substantial beer menu.

“We find that people who like oysters also really like beer,” Heath says. “Beer and oysters make a great pairing.”

How to:

  • Scrub the oysters clean.

  • Put on gloves and grab a clean kitchen towel.

  • Grasp an oyster in one hand, cup-side down.

  • Insert the Dexter oyster knife into the hinge-side.

  • Run the knife blade along the top of the shell.

  • Open the oyster shell and sever the oyster muscle.

  • Now you are ready to serve the oyster with your choice of condiments.

5785 Cape Harbour Drive #102, Cape Coral, Florida, 239.599.2947,