With So Many Wonderful Places to Dine in the Cape, Where Do Local Chefs Love to Eat?

Everyone has their favorite places to eat, even chefs! We asked a few local chefs where they like to get their grub on.

Taverna Wood Fire Kitchen’s Chef Jerson Prado and Kyle Turner

Chef Jerson Prado and his business partner and restaurant manager, Kyle Turner, met while they were working together at Dante’s Coal Fired Pizza.

“We really like working together, so we decided to open up our own space,” Jerson says of Taverna Wood Fire Kitchen.

“We recently celebrated being open for our first full year,” Kyle says. “It’s been really great.”

Taverna’s wood fire grill cooks up a wide variety of dishes, including the popular smoked grilled octopus and rib-eye steak, but Jerson also enjoys making pasta dishes—and they make the pasta themselves.

“Seafood and steaks are also really popular,” Kyle says. “We are really known for our meats. We also make all of our sauces in-house. It takes a little longer, but it’s worth it.”

“My favorite thing to make is the octopus,” Jerson says. “I had a dream about it even before we opened the restaurant. It might have seemed like a crazy idea, but now it’s one of our most popular dishes. People go crazy for it.”

It’s so popular that the smoked grilled octopus won 2017 Best Dish of the Year from The News-Press.

Where do Jerson and Kyle like to eat? Gusto Cucina Italiana, Azure and Nice Guys Pizza.

Taverna Wood Fire Kitchen
1227 Miramar St.
Cape Coral, Florida, 239.257.1825, TavernaWoodFireKitchen.com

Gusto Cucina Italiana’s Vincenzo “Vince” Cangialosi

Originally from Sicily near Palermo, Vince Cangialosi came to Cape Coral five years ago.  

“When I was a kid, I would mess around in the kitchen with my mom and my grandma,” Vince says. “But I really started to take it more seriously when I moved to the States and I was working for very talented chefs. I really have a passion for cooking.”

Prior to opening Gusto three years ago, Vince and his wife, Raquel, owned three other restaurants in the area.

“They were 7,000-square-foot restaurants, and I didn’t want to do that anymore,” Vince says. “I wanted something smaller and more intimate. With the smaller space, it’s more personal and we can change things a lot easier. Also, we get to know our customers better.”

Vince specializes in pasta, seafood and veal dishes.

“Everything is made per order,” he says. “And everything is made with love.”

Where is Vince’s favorite place to eat out in Cape Coral? La Corte Bistro.

Gusto Cucina Italiana
229 Del Prado Blvd. N #15, Cape Coral, Florida, 239.458.5900, GustoCucinaItaliana.com