The Cape Coral Community Foundation Keeps the Community Connected

We met with Michael Chatman, president and CEO of the Cape Coral Community Foundation, to discover specific ways area residents can give back and improve Cape Coral.

1. Legacy Gift or Estate Gift
“This type of gift is usually given through a will. We realize many people are on a fixed incomes, so many people choose to give back to the community this way,” Michael says.

2. Volunteering
“Giving your time is a valuable resource,” Michael says. “We have a partnership with United Way. A lot of year-round and seasonal residents come to us with particular skills or interests, and we can connect them with fantastic volunteer opportunities. It’s also a great opportunity for new residents to get to know the area.”

3. Business Partnerships
“We encourage local business owners to work with our local nonprofit organizations,” Michael says. “A business partnership can help smaller nonprofits build their organization and leadership as well as assist with fundraising.”

4. Get Involved in Leadership Positions
“We have a training program for people interested in becoming board members for local organizations,” Michael says. “It’s absolutely open to anyone interested in getting involved. We also work with people to find the right organization to work with. It’s an amazing opportunity to learn, get involved and give back.”

5. Work with the Cape Coral Community Foundation
“What we do is often misunderstood,” Michael says. “We are similar to a university endowment, but we cover a much wider spectrum. We cover the entire community. We are like a bank for charitable assets. We manage the assets and provide grants. As I like to say, ‘give, grow, grant.’”

For more information about the Cape Coral Community Foundation, visit or call 239.542.5594.