Escape the Summer Sizzle!

 Article Sarah Keech | Photography Gregory Wagner  Don’t let Southwest Florida’s infamous heat, humidity and pesky afternoon rainstorms force you to stay indoors all summer. Cape Coral Lifestyle visited four fantastic and family-friendly places to explore, play and relax. Be sure to bring your camera to capture these cool adventures!  Banana Bay Tour Company

Luxe Living Outdoors

 Photography Courtesy of Cabinet Genies  For this outdoor living space renovation, Cabinet Genies used the shaker-style NatureKast weatherproof cabinetry in the color Silver Birch. The company prefers using NatureKast outdoor cabinetry because it offers the rich look of real wood exterior cabinets, but instead of real wood, it’s an advanced high-density resin. The cabinets are completely weatherproof, inside and out,…

Oh, Kale Yeah!

 Article Sarah Keech | Photography Gregory Wagner  Food has been David Truman's passion for as long as he can remember. As a child, he watched his grandmother preserve fruits and vegetables, but it took him many years to discover the importance of using fresh, local ingredients.  Once he started struggling with health issues, David knew he needed to change his…

Dine Alfresco All Summer Long

 Article Sarah Keech | Photography Gregory Wagner  Monkey Bar Steak & Seafood  As its slogan says, Monkey Bar has a silly name, but it has serious food. Best known for its hearty steaks and fresh seafood, you can enjoy your delicious meal on the patio.

Dude Food

Whether You’re Cooking for One or Cooking for Many, These Easy Dishes are Sure to Impress Anyone Gathered at Your Kitchen Table Article Nicolette Martin   FRIED CHICKEN SANDWICH WITH JALAPEÑO SLAW   INGREDIENTS (SANDWICH) 1 cup all-purpose flour 1/2 teaspoon ground paprika 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder Cayenne pepper, to taste Boneless, skinless chicken breasts … Continued

Father and Son Favorites: Family and Memories are Everything

 Article Sarah Keech | Photography Gregory Wagner  He loves his daughters, Anna and Claire  Sentimental Rolex watch

Movers & Shakers: The Men Who Shape Cape Coral

 Article Sarah Keech | Photography Gregory Wagner  Brian Hamman, Lee County Commissioner  Brian Hamman's interest in serving the public began when his father took him with him when he voted. Even as a small child, Brian knew he wanted to get involved and be proactive in his community.

Movers & Shakers: Women Who Make Cape Coral Work

 Article Sarah Keech | Photography Gregory Wagner  The Financial Planning Pro  Donna J. Caruso, owner, DJC Insurance & Financial Services

Plan a Girls Weekend Away in Matlacha

 Article Sarah Keech | Photography Gregory Wagner  Matlacha is the tiny island village with the name even some area residents probably can’t pronounce. For the record, it’s “MAT-la-shay.”  While Matlacha is a short drive from Cape Coral, once you're there you’ll feel like you’ve stepped away from the hustle and bustle of Midpoint Bridge at rush hour and into an…

DIY Duotone Statement Earrings

Shake up your jewelry box with these handmade geometric earrings— perfect for yourself or as a gift for your best ladies Article and Photography Nicolette Martin Piece by Piece Use both your bent nose forceps and needle nose pliers to secure each end of the jump ring. Gently twist the jump ring to open the … Continued