The New Big Farming Trend Is Micro

Tucked away in a small, nondescript office building in southwest Cape Coral is a farm. No, this farm doesn’t have cows or pigs or acres of produce. This is an urban farm. More specifically, this is a hydroponic microgreens farm.

Echo Fights World Hunger

For more than 30 years, Echo has been helping thousands of organizations servicing small-scale farmers worldwide by spreading seeds of agricultural knowledge. By creating a global network, Echo shares solutions that promote sustainable farming techniques that improve food production. 

Pesto Pasta is a Reason to Gather

Gather is one of the most creative new dining hotspots in the Cape. Located at Tarpon Point Marina, it’s an energetic space with a delightful view and delicious food.

Catbird Studio + Gallery

When Lee Perrault and her husband came down from New Hampshire with a boatload of rescued, geriatric animals, they decided Cape Coral would be home. They renovated a house they liked, but Lee would need a studio. She found a home on Del Prado for her working studio with a gallery in front. She currently has three artists beside herself…

Tone + Texture

Decorate your space with handmade textures such as the modern, maker revival of 1970s macramé and year-round tropical feel of wicker. MACRAMÉ Made through knotting instead of weaving, macramé can add a unique touch in many various ways. Houzz contributor Laura Gaskill suggests incorporating it as nursery decor, plant hangers, wall hangings and modern fiber arts. WICKER According to Houzz…

Finding Your Life’s Song at Cubby’s Castle

All music was born inside of someone. Imagine that someone is you or your child. McCubbin’s Music Conservatory is just such a place to find that inward melody, and Barbara McCubbin is the kind of person who will lead you there. Every room in the conservatory has been named after the rooms of a castle, and the students are fittingly…

Move-in Ready

If you enjoy the Florida sunsets, then you’ll enjoy this home! This move-in ready home is one of the best values in Cape Coral. Located in the highly desired Yacht Club area, you will want to call this home. The Yacht Club area features the Cape Coral Beach, park area and fishing pier and the Cape Coral community pool, playground and pavilion. This is a great…

The Secret Behind the Best Omelets in Cape Coral

After moving to Cape Coral from Michigan, Tony and Meri Dedaj opened House of Omelets in January 2013, and the restaurant has been a breakfast hot spot ever since.

Timepiece Treasures

A sit down with Pamela Welch from Farm House Clock Designs reveals the versatility of this timeless design.

to Light

Kristina Jackson carried an art easel around for a decade or two before finally realizing her talent for painting. One night, in the dim light, she submitted to the corners of her mind, where the aptly named “Lady in Waiting” had been hiding in melancholic blues and grays on a ledge.