Eco Chic

Spring has finally sprung! As the last dredges of winter make their way out, and we can finally begin to stop and smell the roses, it’s also a good time to remind ourselves to take the time to appreciate our beautiful planet.

Home Is Where the Heart Is

 The concept of home is different for everyone.  For some, home is where the family is. It’s the place where weekends were—or still are—filled with baby snuggles, bedtime stories and Saturday morning cartoons. The place where the smell of bacon and pancakes fills the air on Sunday mornings, "do your homework before you go outside" is a daily mantra and…

The Maker Movement

When you think of the word “maker,” what comes to mind?

A New Year’s Change

Welcome to 2018. If you’re flipping through these pages and are wondering whether you’re in the right place, you are! With 12 fresh months at our feet, we’ve opted for a new year of renewal, reflection and change here at Cape Coral Lifestyle.

A Season of Giving

As we turn the page of this year’s calendar to December, it seems like it was just yesterday we were singing carols, unwrapping gifts and toasting to 2017. Now—as unbelievable as it may seem—it’s time to do it all over again.

Those Who Give

Weeks ago I had this letter finished but had to rewrite it after Irma passed through. I can't tell you how many people have said to me, "We really dodged a bullet," and, yes, we did. This was my first hurricane experience, and it's such a mix of emotions. I've never had a time in my life where everything literally…

Cape Cuisine

Food. It’s essential. It’s an art form. It nourishes the body and touches our souls. Food defines our cultures and it can even transport us through time. Purple cauliflower, chocolate for breakfast, and nourishments that help people sleep, have more energy or focus their attention are big in 2017. What will the food trends bring us next? If you love…

What happened to summer?

I blinked my eyes and it's gone! A few trips up north, a few camps for the kids and next thing I know it's September. I don't feel like I got much downtime and quite honestly, I want a do over! The good thing is, in Southwest Florida you are really only five work days away from your next vacation,…

Why do we keep pets?

The relationship between humans and pets can be dated back 2,000 years. In what is now Israel, archeologists uncovered a burial with a puppy in the hand of a human. There is documentation of pets being kept in the Fertile Crescent. Artifacts, artwork and archeological evidence of pets existing in Ancient Egypt are plentiful. Chinese emperor Ling-Ti of the Han…

Healthy Living in Cape Coral

I'm not afraid to say that I am forty-something, but I'm not sure how I got here. It feels like it was just a few days ago that I was excited to get my drivers license, go to prom and graduate high school. I blinked and now I am a mom, wife and dare I say it, "middle aged." However,…