The Coolest Guy in the Cape

 Article Sarah Keech | Photography Gregory Wagner  Spotting a fire truck outside a local business would usually be cause for alarm, but if a fire truck is parked outside ABC Pest Control, it’s just another day at the office for owner Nick Libretto.  Why a firetruck? As a 15-year veteran of the Cape Coral Fire Department, Nick uses the high-profile vehicle…

Musical Notes

“Total Music Source is Cape Coral’s best-kept secret,” according to Paul Marshall, a lifelong musician and employee, who is passionate about sharing his love of music.

Food Power

We are constantly bombarded with conflicting information about diet and nutrition and quite frankly, it is overwhelming and frustrating. One day something is good for you and the next day it isn’t. How do we know what we are eating is helping us, not harming us? Who has the time to sort through all the information? We want to be…

Seas the Day

Many snowbirds, and some permanent residents in our area, want to enjoy the boating experience in the waters of Southwest Florida without assuming the responsibilities and expenses that come with owning a boat. A popular alternative is to become a member of Destination Boat Clubs.

Tropical Twists

Troy Bogue, owner of Tropical Furniture in the heart of South Cape, has been in the furniture business for 27 years. His showroom displays sophisticated yet fun-loving style. From luxurious leather sofas to the vibrant outdoor patio furniture, Tropical Furniture is host to stylish pieces. Transform your living spaces into seaside retreats with Troy’s versatile picks from his coastal collections.

The Thuy House

Diane Nghi is a mother with six kids, an infectious smile and an insatiable love for cooking. Her passion for food began with a simple act: cooking for her family and hosting parties at home. “Everyone loves my parties because of the food!” Nghi says with a humble wink. Those same friends asked to swing by after work and pick…

Making a Splash in the Cape: San Juan Pools

When David Schwein moved to Cape Coral in August, his grandchildren didn’t visit as much as they do now. What changed? Schwein put in a pool. The five-month resident jokes about the frequency of these visits, but is clearly pleased. He is also beyond pleased with his beautiful private oasis, complete with a tanning ledge, bubblers, and a waterfall. “I…

A Thing of Beauty

Board certified Family Medicine physician, Dr. Terese Taylor, a woman living by her own rules, is encouraging Cape Coral residents to feel their best, look their best, and be the best in 2017. Not your mother’s family doctor, Dr. Taylor is staying current and inspired by diversifying her outside-the-box practice located at 4202 Del Prado Blvd, with the latest medical…

Crazy for You!

Welcome to Cape Coral’s first Australian-style café; Café YOU! The name, originally inspired by Marlies’s husband Uri, is now more commonly associated with the idea that, “The café is for you, because you deserve it.”