Home Sweet Home

There's no place like home. I would agree. It's where we spend time with family, entertain friends and truly feel relaxed. There is nothing better than walking through the door, throwing down your keys and kicking off your shoes. In this issue we’re delving into all things home!

Cafe YOU Makeover Contest

Locals purchased raffle tickets to win a total makeover. Winners Bess Coble, Pamela Aguiniga, Carolyn Spicer and 
Karen Ramos were treated to clothing by The Looke, hairstyles from Minimal Hair, sugaring by Buffed and Bare 
and make up by Blinque Spa. All proceeds benefit the Cape Coral Animal Shelter.

CCCIA Builder’s Showcase of Homes

In 1996, Executive Director, Bill Johnson, Jr’s predecessors in the Cape Coral Construction Industry Association sponsored the first Showcase of Homes event. Having realized that Cape Coral was uniquely qualified in residential construction, the CCCIA decided that local builders needed a way to showcase their products. They established the event so that the public could tour the homes and appreciate…

March 2017 Around Town

The Southeast chapter of the Joy in Childhood FoundationSM recently announced $8,000 in grants to support two organizations in Southwest Florida. The following local grants support organizations that focus on helping kids—particularly those facing hunger and sickness—find joy in their daily lives.

Mortgage Advice From the Experts

Purchasing a home is the single most important investment you will ever make in your lifetime. Whether it is your first home, an investment property, or even a second home, you want the best service during the purchasing process. Your home is where your families’ story begins. When making the decision to purchase a home, you have the option to…

Thrill of the Ride

Maybe you’ve been a bike owner, or even a Harley owner for years. Maybe you’ve been suppressing a desire to experience the freedom and thrill of the ride that can only be discovered covering the open road on a motorcycle - a cool motorcycle. Maybe you are seeking adventure, combined with power, a sleek look, the latest technology and luxury…

March 2017 Healthy Lifestyle

Ever wonder why certain foods are recommended for good health? What is it about specific foods that make them healthy? Can we identify the specific chemicals in these foods that translate into better health? To answer these questions we will review some of the recommended foods from A to Z. Let’s start with the one that is said to keep…

Hops in the Kitchen

Stout Chocolate Brownies

Making a Splash in the Cape: San Juan Pools

When David Schwein moved to Cape Coral in August, his grandchildren didn’t visit as much as they do now. What changed? Schwein put in a pool. The five-month resident jokes about the frequency of these visits, but is clearly pleased. He is also beyond pleased with his beautiful private oasis, complete with a tanning ledge, bubblers, and a waterfall. “I…

Bring your Senses to Life

It’s March and orange blossoms are in full bloom. Discover the intense fragrance of nature’s beauty by riding down Route 80- windows down. Bring the grove indoors by adding citrus inspirations to drab decor or by treating yourself with a DYI orange infused body scrub. It's sure to lift spirits and brighten outlooks.