Cape Cuisine

Food. It’s essential. It’s an art form. It nourishes the body and touches our souls. Food defines our cultures and it can even transport us through time. Purple cauliflower, chocolate for breakfast, and nourishments that help people sleep, have more energy or focus their attention are big in 2017. What will the food trends bring us next? If you love…

Gulf Coast Family Fitness Center Useppa Island Fitness Cruise

Israel and Christa Rosado and members of the Gulf Coast Family Fitness Center cruised to Useppa Island for a day of fitness and fun. Kangoo, water aerobics, sunshine and friends make this an unforgettable experience for all involved.

October 2017 Around Town

Marvin Development has broken ground on a new home in the Funky Fish House Village at Cape Harbour in Cape Coral. This one-of-a-kind neighborhood of waterfront Key West-style beach cottages includes 18 single family homes that incorporate the luxury and laid-back ambiance of coastal living in Southwest Florida. Home and home site packages start at $650,000.

Be Brave!

About four months ago, someone told Jennifer Nelson she would be perfect as Executive Director of Uncommon Friends Foundation. Nelson prayed for a sign while attending church one Sunday. A written message, “Be Brave!” made its way into her hand from a member of her congregation. She received the message clearly and embraced it fully. She hasn’t looked back.

Culinary Careers

Walking into the classroom of the Commercial Foods & Culinary Arts program at Cape Coral Technical college, it doesn't feel like a classroom at all. There are no desk or books, but rather a fully operational commercial kitchen with all of the professional stove tops, freezers, steamers and appliances you would see at a high-end restaurant or hotel. The students…


In 1991, Joan and Richard Santorico, along with their good friends and neighbors, Kenneth and Patty Bracher, moved their families from Merrick, New York to Cape Coral where the two couples went into business together and opened Merrick Seafood Market. Later, the Brachers left the business when Kenneth decided he wanted to go into real estate. Even so, "To this…

Queen of Cakes

Locals have known for a while. Repeat customers would say, “Told you so.” Validated by the industry that now recognizes the artistry, customer service and attention to detail that only a family-owned business can give its patrons is icing on the cake! LadyCakes Bakery was among only two percent of wedding professionals selected for the notable award of The 2017…

Food Power

We are constantly bombarded with conflicting information about diet and nutrition and quite frankly, it is overwhelming and frustrating. One day something is good for you and the next day it isn’t. How do we know what we are eating is helping us, not harming us? Who has the time to sort through all the information? We want to be…

Catch the Vision

The 7th Annual Catch the Vision Real Estate Forecast Event is coming soon! Our new format “Live from Cape Coral—it’s Tuesday Night” news show was received by the audience very well. This year promises to bring more excitement to the event with our News Cast team roaming the City for more in depth stories of future development in our City.